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Wise Blog is the wisest Adsense optimized news, blog magazine and shop WordPress theme for all people, especially for bloggers and online entrepreneurs. It is unique, lightweight, rock-solid and blazing fast to meet your needs. It is simple but elegant to increase the number of visitors in your site. Homepage can be created with unlimited combination possibilities of 6 block layout style. Unlimited colors and fonts are available with freedom to customize your blog/site dynamically.

It is designed specifically for bloggers because it has a feature which you can’t find most at other WordPress theme. One of its significant feature is the auto affiliate disclaimer to dynamically add disclosure/disclaimer on each blog posts. Another is the Adsense compatibility which you can insert to posts, pages, homepage or even on header and footer which you can significantly control based on your preferences. There are more features to be unlocked with this theme. Let’s explore.



Full Features

Wise Blog is created passionately to provide the wisest blog WordPress theme for all people. Activating the theme you will unlock its undeniable features listed below.

  • 100% Fully Responsive
  • Retina Ready
  • Unlimited Colors
  • 700+ Google Fonts
  • Fontawesome Fonts
  • Unlimited Homepage *New
  • Unlimited Sidebar *New
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Clean Code and Rock-solid framework
  • Integrated Google reCAPTCHA
  • Syntax Highlighter for codes
  • Wise Meta Tags
  • Wise Dynamic Ads
  • Wise Auto Affiliates Disclaimer
  • Popular Posts by day, week, month or year
  • Enable/Disable Posts Date *New
  • Wise Scroll Features
  • Wise Tabs
  • Back-to-top Button
  • Sticky Menu and Sidebar
  • Wise Theme Options Panel
  • Grid and Block Post Layout
  • 5 Block Layout, Featured Contents
  • Two Footer Style, Widgetized and Single
  • Lightweight Social Media Buttons
  • Automatic Featured Post
  • Child Theme Compatible
  • Customized Login Form
  • Translation Ready
  • Automatic Updates via Envato Toolkit
  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Supports bbPress
  • Supports Contact Form 7
  • Powerful Widgets
    • Homepage Widgets

      • #Home – Complex 1 Block
      • #Home – Complex 2 Block
      • #Home – Complex 3 Block
      • #Home – Complex 4 Block
      • #Home – Defaults Block
      • #Home – Featured Contents
      • #Home – Wise Ticker *New
    • #Wise About
    • #Wise Ads
    • #Wise Dashboard User
    • #Wise Popular Posts
    • #Wise Recent Posts
    • #Wise Script
    • #Wise Sitelinks
    • #Wise Social Media Footer
    • #Wise Subscribe Footer
    • #Wise Subscribe Sidebar
    • #Wise Tab Posts
    • #Wise Text Alert
  • Updated Documentation and Friendly Support

Compatible Blog Type

Be creative. Explore possibilities. Being customizable on its fonts, colors, posts block (grid or defaults), layout column, featured post, footer style, you can create different types of blog you need such as:

  • News Blog
  • Lifestyle Blog
  • Technology Blog
  • Fashion Blog
  • Travel Blog
  • Food Blog
  • Health Blog
  • Entertainment Blog
  • Sports Blog
  • And so much more…

Wise Blog is the perfect choice to run a news, magazine, blog and shop site using WordPress. It is created specifically for bloggers and online entrepreneurs which maximizes revenue through Adsense and affiliate marketing. You are also assured of its quality and features because it is created with love and passion by Probewise.

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Updates History / Current Version: 1.7.5

version 1.7.5 - 12/20/16
Added: Compatibility with WordPress 4.7+
Fixed: Other translatable strings
Fixed: AD sanitization
Fixed: bbPress spacing for images
Fixed: Image redirection
Fixed: Global variable for allowed html validation
Fixed: Search form code
Fixed: Bottom AD wrapper
Fixed: AD background when empty
Fixed: Sidebar AD background
Improved: Error message styling
Fixed: Author meta PHP error
Fixed: Sanitization and validation issues
Fixed: jQuery code structure
Fixed: Other validation errors
version 1.7 - 11/23/16
Fixed: Custom page fields directory
Removed: Disable Magic Quotes, a plugin territory
Added: Breadcrumbs on WooCommerce product page
Improved: Breadcrumbs styling and spacing
Fixed: Image Lightbox index
Fixed: Google Recaptcha spacing for login/register page
Fixed: Background loading
Checked and Fixed: All translatable strings
Checked and Fixed: validation and escape
Checked and Fixed: Theme unit test data errors
Fixed: Sticky Sidebar offset when sticky menu is disabled
Fixed: Sidebar spacing when responsive
Fixed: Page post thumb and social share icon spacing
Fixed: Page sidebar
Fixed: Search form wrapper border
Fixed: Preloader when empty
Improved: Search and 404 templates styling
Fixed: Comments reply when closed or empty
Improved: jQuery functions code structure
Fixed: Site main two-column bottom spacing
Fixed: Bottom margin for paging-navigation
Added: Social media icons: vimeo, instagram, pinterest, vk
Fixed: About social media icons
Fixed: Comment pingback spacing
Removed: Disable Preloader on Wise Panel
Fixed: Preloader when empty
Improved: Search and 404 templates styling
Fixed: Comments reply when closed or empty
Improved: jQuery functions code structure
Fixed: Site main two-column spacing
Fixed: WooCommerce padding and spacing
Fixed: WooCommerce title
Fixed: Taxonomy description bottom margin
Fixed: WooCommerce onsale styling
Fixed: WooCommerce spacing
Fixed: Comments translation
Fixed: bbPress widget spacing
Removed: Disable Preloader
Fixed: Comment pingback spacing
Updated: Social media footer from about widget
Added: Social media icons
Fixed: Sticky Sidebar offset when sticky menu is disabled
Fixed: Sidebar spacing when responsive
Fixed: Page post thumb and social share icon spacing
Fixed: Page sidebar
Fixed: Site main two-column bottom spacing
Fixed: Bottom margin for paging-navigation
Fixed: Author Description when empty
Fixed: Comment navigation styling
Fixed: Tag list when empty
Fixed: Next, previous article navigation spacing
Fixed: Comment padding and spacing
Fixed: Sidebar for page
Updated: Translation and Documentation
Fixed: Headhesive overlay on WP toolbar when logged in
Fixed: Home url sanitization and escape
Fixed: Reset query data
Fixed: Widget title for footer styling and spacing
Fixed: About widget logo when empty
Fixed: Social links footer spacing
Added: Prefix to show_captcha
Added: Prefix to wise AD
Added: Prefix to load widgets
Fixed: Calendar footer widgets styling
Fixed: Page and navigation footer widgets styling
Fixed: Leaderboard AD overflow issue
Improved: Screenshot image size for HD screens
Fixed: Custom code functions
Fixed: Hard coded inline styles using wp_add_inline_style
Added: Google Recaptcha style, removed inline style
Fixed: AD background styling
Fixed: Validation errors
Fixed: About widgets html tags
Fixed: PHP errors
Fixed: Wise Ticker conditionals
Added: Conditionals for wise ticker spacing
Added: Page title alignment feature
Fixed: Comments placeholder translation
Fixed: Subscribe widgets translation
Added: Translation for Home breadcrumbs
Added: Translation for comments login and logout
Fixed: Updated word translation for meta tags
Fixed: Translation tags
Fixed: Date translation support on header
Improved: Social media icons code
Added: Automatic language detection for Google ReCAPTCHA
Fixed: Reply color styling
Fixed: bbPress closed topic color styling
Improved: bbPress freshness font size
Added: Excerpt description for #Home - Defaults Block
Fixed: WooCommerce comment email form size
version 1.6 - 11/01/16
Fixed: Single Block products archive categories
Improved: Syntax highlighter
Added: Transparency control for header and footer
Fixed: page navigation prev and next styling
Removed: Default preloader
Added: Predefined preloader
Fixed: Date support for contact form 7
Updated: Fontawesome to version 4.7
Fixed: Footer wrapper styling
Fixed: Calendar styling
Updated: Translation and Documentation
Fixed: bbPress links color
Improved: Excerpt text count
Fixed: Page disable AD
Removed: Unnecessary PHP tags
Fixed: WooCommerce sanitization
Fixed: Contents with AD for single post
Fixed: AD widget sanitization
Fixed: Typography on Wise Panel
Fixed: Logo images sizes
Fixed: Default Subscribe Sidebar Title
Fixed: List categories array function
Fixed: Wise Panel Disable Error Login Info label
Fixed: Error pages layout
Fixed: Page number styling
Fixed: Header background color styling
Fixed: Content background color styling
Fixed: Sidebar color styling
Fixed: Ads top and bottom inline styles
Fixed: Index divider positioning
Fixed: Error non-printable character on posts meta
Fixed: Default search box styling
Fixed: Index cat styling
Improved: Backend colors, changed it to neutral colors
Fixed: Default search box styling
Fixed: Paginated post featured image
version 1.5 - 10/08/16
Fixed: Bottom wrapper Ads styling
Improved: Ads Widget for Top/Bottom Ads
Fixed: WooCommerce quantity styling
Fixed: WooCommerce notice styling
Fixed: Predefined colors for bbPress
Fixed and Improved: Contact Form input styling
Fixed: bbPress content links color
Fixed: Allowed html tags on Script widget
version 1.4.5 - 10/01/16
Fixed: Entry meta date for SEO
Fixed: Entry meta popular date
Fixed: Left sidebar responsiveness
Fixed: Masonry and Sticky Sidebar conflict
Improved: Widget styling, prevents overflow
Fixed: Sidebar wrapper width
Fixed: Headhesive search form styling
Fixed: Wise Ticker styling
Updated: Translation
version 1.4.2 - 09/27/16
Added: Support for html tags on text alert widget
Fixed: bbPress reply avatar spacing
Added: FadeIn transition to Wise Ticker and Carousel
version 1.4 - 09/24/16
Fixed and Improved: Default Preloader
Removed: Minified default location
Improved: Footer font size
Fixed: Wise Ticker javascript
Improved: CSS enqueue for child theme
Fixed: Script widget
Improved: Sitelinks widget styling
Improved: About widget, added social media buttons
Fixed: Page builder issue
Improved: jQUery files, minified .js
Fixed: Wise widgets escapes and security
Fixed: Wise Panel textarea escapes and security
Fixed and Improved: Custom code security
Fixed: Comments jQuery, structure and styling
Fixed: Widget links hover color
Fixed: Wise page builder framework
Improved: Translation text string
Fixed: Escape/sanitization of Sidebar Field
Updated: Documentation and translation
version 1.3 - 09/09/16
Removed: Minification on Wise Panel due to security issues
Fixed: Error 500 when having a lower version of PHP 5.3 or below
Fixed: Menu Navigation layout
Fixed: Page docs, widget nav layout
Fixed: Widget spacing and styling
Added: Smooth scroll on WooCommerce Tabs
Removed: Duplicate smooth scroll of product reviews
Fixed: Full Page Template
Added: Page Single 80% Page Template
Fixed: Three column posts block layout
Fixed: Retina for grid type posts and carousel
Removed: Unnecessary code for dynamic homepage
Fixed: Footer code positioning
Fixed: Social media share buttons spacing
Improved: Input & forms styling
Improved: Comment forms position
Improved: Number Field on backend
Fixed: Product rating styling
Fixed: Paragraph heading space
Improved: WooCommerce rating color
version 1.2 - 08/23/16
Fixed: Styling on bbPress author role
Fixed: Home Block widgets title when empty
Added: Trending/News Ticker widget
Fixed: Sticky Sidebar on resize
Fixed: Wise Ads widget
Fixed: bbPress page header styling
Fixed: Top and Bottom Ads function
Fixed: Ads spacing/positioning
Added: Color Scheme: News Red & Orange
Removed: WooCommerce custom permalink & name on Wise Panel
Fixed: WooCommerce grid masonry
Added: Shopping icon on header
Added: LinkedIn social button
Improved: Social button code
Improved: Syntax highlighter styling
Improved: Wise Panel Interface
Fixed: Responsive layout for share buttons
Updated: Translation and Documentation
version 1.1.4 - 08/16/16
Added: LinkedIn share button
Added: Disable/Enable built-in share buttons on Wise Panel
Updated: Fontawesome Fonts
Updated: Translation and Documentation
version 1.1.3 - 08/12/16
Added: Automate Featured Contents
Fixed: Sticky sidebar left for ads
Updated: Translation and Documentation
version 1.1.2 - 08/11/16
Fixed: Sidebar masonry issue
Fixed: Footer masonry issue
Fixed: Top and Bottom Ads error on search and 404 page
version 1.1.1 - 08/09/16
Fixed: Header and headhesive styling
Fixed: Sidebar Ads when responsive
Updated: Documentation
version 1.1 - 08/05/16
Added: Unlimited sidebar and widget columns feature
Added: Homepage blocks widgets, complex, defaults and featured blocks
Improved: Ads code feature, added top and footer widget column
Improved: Wise Ads widget, added features to disable on homepage, archive, posts or pages
Added Reset query to content defaults
Improved: Widget sorting/arrangements
Fixed: Complex 3 styling
Improved: Page templates, remove unecessary templates, added Page Full template
Fixed: Paging navigation for search archive
Removed: Homepage selector, Index Defaults, Index Complex on theme options
Fixed: Secondary menu when in mobile
Fixed: Content none links to create new post link
Improved: Compressed images and logos
Fixed: Preloader when on child themes
Removed: JPEG Compression features
Improved: Footer style selection, added selector on theme options
Fixed: Single footer style
Improved: Date meta when modified
Added: Masonry for Complex 3 Block
Fixed: Disable ads on header or footer
Improved: Category titles
Fixed: User roles for affiliates, featured and ads meta
Fixed: 404 page
Updated: WooCommerce support with PayPal Express Checkout
Fixed: Comments awaiting moderation
Updated: Documentation and Translation
version 1.0.5 - 07/29/16
Added: Disable Sticky Sidebar options
Fixed: Disable Secondary Menu options when in mobile
Fixed: Complex homepage, recent, popular, tab widget
version 1.0.4 - 07/27/16
Added: Disable Headhesive Menu options
Fixed: Issue with sticky sidebar for scripts and embeds
Updated: Support for New WooCommerce version
Updated: Translation and Documentation
version 1.0.3 - 07/22/16
Fixed: Optimization when using child themes
Added: Feature to disable post date
Improved: Posts date, displays modified date
Fixed: Comments form when in mobile
Updated: Documentation and Translation
version 1.0.2 - 07/21/16
Added: Smooth scroll on product reviews
Fixed: Comments layout and styling
Fixed: Comments human readable time format
Removed: Deindex feature, it is a plugin territory
Tested: Working on WooCommerce 2.6.3
Updated: Documentation
version 1.0.1 - 07/18/18
Fixed: IE11 Compatibility and JavaScript error
version 1.0 - 07/17/16
Initial Release


High Resolution: Yes, Widget Ready: Yes, Compatible Browsers: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Compatible With: WooCommerce 2.6.x, bbPress 2.5.x, Software Version: WordPress 4.6.1, WordPress 4.6, WordPress 4.5.x, WordPress 4.5.2, WordPress 4.5.1, WordPress 4.5, Columns: 3

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Wise Blog – Adsense Optimized News, Magazine Blog and Shop Theme

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